Frequently asked questions

No, because the aluminium grid is anodised in accordance with maritime quality specificaions.

In the area where the Star Drain and Aqua Drain must be installed. Consult the architect,

contractor or specialised construction material trader where you want to install the drainage.

Obviously, if there is much precipitation in an area, a wider drain must be installed, such as

the Aqua Drain, and in drier areas, a narrower drain, such as the Star Drain.

• Star Drain 65/100 - 360 l/m.

• Aqua Drain 50/100 - 330 l/m.

• Aqua Drain 100/100 - 400 l/m.

Yes, they can be shortened by using the appropriate tools. Ensure that any sharp edges are removed after shortening both in relation to the PVC channel and the aluminium grid 

Yes, the Aqua drain 50/100 has been specially designed for this application. Due to its height of 50 mm, this is the right drain for this

Yes, all products designed by PCK Belguim can be fully recycled. both the plastic channel and the alumnium grid can therefore be recycled

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